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Re: nord modular as a looping device?

At 11:49 AM 7/28/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Who or what is nord?

a particularly nice emulation of a modular analog synth implemented in
software that runs in a standalone box with a computer based editor having
the nicest user interface i've seen in a long while.
>>has anyone here investigated the nord modular as a looping device?  i'm
>>wondering if the delay/sampling modules can be configured in a way such
>>i can do realtime multitracked looping.  and, if so, what are my
>>in terms of loop time, number of loops, etc.

for looping audio input it is not appropriate as it has virtually no sample
ram.  the audio delay modules have only milliseconds max delay time.

for looping synth sounds generated internally in the unit it is a dream
machine.  lfos, sequencers, control delays, etc.  as many as you like,
connected however you want.  & it sounds really good, imo.

anyone want to buy a tricked out Oberheim Matrix 12?  :-)

loop on!
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