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Re: hello!

Dear Lorne,

    LOL!  Sorry about calling you Id a few times there.  Anywho, let me 
answer your questions in reverse...

    My abouts, well at last count they were firmly attached to my stern, 
we both know that this is a detachable and replaceable thing...

    A few pointers with the add-on of volume pedal usage...  I'm using an 
older metal case and a new plastic E-Bow (without the Octave Boost) on 
much all of my instruments with either or passive electronics or actives.  
good rule of thumb is to not use it with Active Electronics as you may 
a bit of damage, at least this is what I've been told a few times, though 
I've not seen anything on this in the Heet homepage.
    I've even used both E-Bows on a single instrument for some really 
interesting drone and soloing effects on acoustic instruments using piezo 
internal mics, and those with magnetic pickups that are fully electric 
    Works great for triggering a Casio MG-510, Ibanez MIDI 2010, Roland 
GR-500, GR-700 and the GR-9, but for the newer synths, ... jury's out on 
one.  I know that it didn't work well in the stores, but now that I have a 
GR-30, I'll be able to give it a better run through.

    Volume pedals are great and personally I have to say are my favourite 
device outside of phase pedals, ... need to get a new one of these, too!  
my case, I'm using one before a digital delay pedal, placed before my 
Boomerang.  This way I can use the volume pedal (passive for me) to create 
swells and then use the digital delay to sustain the notes/tones produced.

    Another thing is that I've been doing is using a second volume pedal 
as a 
kill/mute if the Boomerang starts doing some odd and strange things and 
getting too much feedback.  Ummmm,...  I tend to go direct into a PA board 
now that I've finally gotten a guitar synth, so I may end up selling off 
Guitar Head for something more useful such as a noise gate or a rack mount 
for the guitar sound though I have to admit, the brightness in the guitar 
actually nice...  

    Now then, fun things to do with an E-Bow, is of course, using it to 
create more wind-instrumenty voices, ... finally sussed out a way on the 
Carvin to nearly duplicate a doubouk sound.  Pretty much it is jacking up 
tone on the neck pickup to just before you get that majour boost of 
brightness, in my case about 8.  Set the pickup to out of phase and volia. 
little use of the whammy bar and you're set.  Sounds best in and around 
range of the 6th fret to the 15th on the low E to the B string.

    One thing that is also really helpful in dealing with the E-Bow is the 
audio tape and docs that come with it and practicing the techniques 
    Above all else, the best advice I can give is to have fun with it.