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Re: Momentary Mute Pedal (not loop related)

Yeah.  I can do it now with channel-switching on the amp, but it's kind of
slow and annoying to have to hit the button twice to bring a sound in and
then cut it out again quickly.  I want a momentary switch so I can do it
really quickly.


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Subject: Re: Momentary Mute Pedal (not loop related)

> a simple a/b switch should do that shouldn't it?????
> Does anyone know if such a pedal exists?  I'm looking for something that
> will mute the sound only when stepped on, so I can quickly cut sounds out
> bring them in.  I know ProCo makes the Cough Drop, which does what I 
> but it's meant for microphones and takes XLR ins and outs, which I'd
> not get into.
> If there's no factory pedal, does anyone know anyone who can do custom
> pedals that will prove reliable?  And for a reasonable price?
> Thanks,