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audiomulch patches

hello loopland, i'm back after after a long hiatus. after having first
found out about the audiomulch software (fer windoze) from this list,
i've spent a fair bit of time using it in the last coupla weeks. what a
great tool! 

it's basically a modular system of gadgets that you can wire together in
any way imaginable (until your computer chokes). in addition to many
interesting and bizarre effects, it also includes a loop player (ahhh,
list relevancy!). there are even 4x4 and 8x8 mixer matrices which can be
misused to produce organic feedback/ glitch storms a la David Myers
(still on the list Dave?) or Merzbow. i've produced some intersting
patches using the 4x4 matrix as well as using the granulators,
nebulizers, risset filters etc. for example, the bubbleblower granulator
is great for creating continuous streams of rhythmically chopped speech
a la Autechre or Boards Of Canada.

to the point: any of you out there messing with this stuff as well? are
any of you interested in exchanging patches?

-the man cable-