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Re: "Double" Looper Functions?

This is exactly what the multiply function in the echoplex does. Great 
but Matthias thought of it sometime around 1985! It was implemented first 
something he hacked together out of a Lexicon PCM42, then was implemented 
his Paradis LoopDelay in '92, then of course in the Echoplex '94.

Check out his story on the echoplex page:

It also lets you add material while you multiply, so it is very quick to 
something like a 1 bar loop repeated 4 times with a 4 bar melody loop over
the top. Check it out, the function has many more aspects that allow for 
kinds of creative use.


At 09:40 PM 11/1/99 -0500, Brian Thomson, London UK wrote:
>Hi there: I've been thinking about an idea I had, which would be useful if
I were ever designing a looper (hardware or software).
>Imagine the following scenario: I have a short loop set up, filled with
suitable sounds. It would be great if it were possible to multiply the loop
in real-time, without glitching of any sort.
>So, if the original loop was 4 seconds, hitting the "double" footswitch
would immediately, seamlessly, duplicate the loop, to 8 seconds. The effect
would initially be inaudible, since I'd simply have the original loop
playing twice, but I could then add more sounds, and duplicate again if
necessary. It might even be possible to "triplicate", "octoclate" (?), etc.
by sending different controller messages.
>An alternative version might involve duplicating the audio, but within the
_same_ time, but offset by 50%. So, a note that sounded at 1 second into a 
second loop, would be duplicated at the 3 second point.
>Comments, anyone? Or have I just restated the obvious?
>Brian Thomson
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