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Re: which echo unit?

>>> Miko wrote >>>
> "There's a new TC Electronic "budget" unit called the D-Two coming
out... rumor is that street price will be right at $500 american
buckolas. It has 10 secs of *stereo* delay and a hold function.
Reverse on the fly, filtering for a more analog sound, chorus/flange
and from the ad copy a very full featured multi-tap tempo delay
feature... it's midi as well. I'm really crossing my fingers on this
one. Should ship in late November according to TC U.S. "

Best Regards,
Miko Biffle, mbiffle@svg.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions..."

>>> "postaldave" <postaldave@qx.net> 11/02 1:08 PM >>>
> if boomerang would come up with their upgrade it would make ten

Is there more to your statement? Boomerang is (rough guess here)
2min/4min with upgraded RAM, but lives in the lo-fi realm. JamMan and
EDP have 32sec and 199sec respectively and are of a more hi quality
sound. Still all three of them lack the ability to modulate the delay
line, and the lack stereo. The old Digitech RDS/PDS XXXX and Lexicon
PCM 42 (stock and modified) is in a lot of peoples racks because you
can modulate the delays as well as really freak with the regen... Are
either of these boxes stereo?

> but than again your waiting for that i'm waiting for the new 'rang
and everyone else is waiting for the echoplex. it would seem the music
companies have really dropped the ball in regards to looping.

As a fairly satisfied EDP owner, I'm still in love with regen delay
looping and see several new choices available...

There's the recently discontinued Korg DL8000R which has 5 secs
stereo / 10 secs mono with tons of multitap tempo based rythym
capabilities as well as LFO waveform delay modulation, as well as
serious feedback control all via midi... lots of cc patchable params.
This is still sitting around a couple retail locations for ~350.00.
I've heard criticism of it's user i/f and some comments on noise, but
the two folks I know who have them say they're really quiet and
versatile if you're gain staging them correctly.

There's the in-production Headrush with pretty great reviews from LD

And the just-in-the-catalog Line6 Delay Modeler which reads great...
Hopefully we'll all hear something about them on the list soon. Might
be the king of floor based multi-featured swiss army delays / 14 sec

Then there's the TC D-Two I've mentioned on the horizon... based on
the TC-2290 and with 10 seconds stereo delay. I've heard Mr. Fxxxx
with a pair of 2290's sounding rather awesome with the 64 sec
upgrade... Delay based / regen controlled / hold controlled looping is
a very mutable and fun way to loop and I regularly do it with much
satisfaction with only 1.8 secs of delay... 10 seconds will definitely
be a total fun house romp with ridiculous multi-taps going as well as
being able to reverse on the fly and add chorus/flange etc... This is
GOOD news for loopers!