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Re: Loopers of the World profiles

kim wrote:
>And Chris, this gives me one practical idea for a new version, a backup
>utility that automatically mails the data file to me (and maybe you too)
>whenever somebody does an update! I've learned the hard way that you can't
>entrust any data to an ISP....

Yeah, I could do this.  Perhaps the best thing to do is to have us all come
up with a reasonable list of upgrades that we agree upon, and then I'll
make the changes.

Re: links to audio files, it sounds like there are enough formats being
used, that we should just allow everyone to have their own formats.  I
could create a generic "audio link" field that would basically function
like the current URL field.  It might also be useful to have a
"description" field for each link, where you can specify information about
the link, such as audio format, size, streaming or non-streaming, etc.  The
more generic we make the program, the more flexible it will be.

Another cool feature could be to automatically load one of the audio links
(randomly, for example) when viewing a profile, so that the viewer could
hear a loop while viewing the profile.  However, this might pose problems,
depending on the formats and sizes of audio files.


Which of the audio formats allow the audio file to be looped?  I imagine
that this is a feature of the player, rather than the audio file itself,
but I'm not sure.  What ever happened to Thomas Dolby's (loopable) audio
format -- I don't even remember its name.....

- Chris

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