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RE: Christy Doran

there's a pretty nice cd with him, ray anderson (trombone) and han bennik
(drums) on hatart (actually two but i only have one). ray is possibly the
best trombonist i've ever heard/seen, han i amazing . . . pretty cool. 
of delay and loopage. don't love all of the tunes, but . . . 

you can probably find in towns like nyc, sf . . . maybe even la if you know
where to look. otherwise you could try cadence mag/north country
distributers. maybe wayside has some???


Ahhhh. . . .you've got good taste.  Christy Doran was the guitarist for the
German band "OM" which recorded I believe 4 albums in the 1970s, and
included Ursi Leimgruber on sax.  They were WAY ahead of their time!!!
Since then, he has done an album on ECM that's a MUST BUY:  The title, in
German, is something like "Music for guitar, 2 contrabasses and drums" and
it features Bobby Burri (the old OM bassist) and Freddy Studer (OM's
drummer who also has played with Eberhard Weber and some other ECM people.)

Lately, Christy's been doing albums for JMT and Hat Art, one of which is
solo guitar with some nice looping.  Good luck finding these, though.