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RE: Christy Doran

>Ahhhh. . . .you've got good taste.  Christy Doran was the guitarist for 
>German band "OM" which recorded I believe 4 albums in the 1970s, and
>included Ursi Leimgruber on sax.  They were WAY ahead of their time!!!

Swiss, actually, from Luzern, all those guys.
There was also his sister on sax.

He used to be a client at PARADIS and I made some switch boxes and stuff.
He is a lovely person, shy, helpfull, a hard worker.

At the time ('86) he toured solo on a big Guild steelstring and a PARADIS
nylon and quite a big rack with two Roland 3000 delays he loved to load
with free running arithmic loops. I found it strange then how he was
extremely conscient about all this difficult changes and scales and then
again accepted "any noise" from the delays...
This tour was recorded to two tracks and released on vinyl "the returning
dream of the leaving ship" (SyntonRecords LC 8829). Its the only one I
have, but I might trade it...

...and just today Jesus (not that one ;-) gave me a link:


         ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org