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Re: spacial sound

anyone have a schematic of this they can scan or draw out and put online? 
very confused by most of your geeks terminology - heh - and need a better
example than whats been discussed. i'm an imbicile...oh well - heh

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999 SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

|In a message dated 04/11/99 03:43:01 GMT Standard Time, tcn62@ici.net 
|> Yeah, that's the setup Brian Eno described on the back of one of his 
|>  (I've forgotten which). 
|Ambient 4 , On Land
|To make it work the two -VE terminals of the two amps need to be 
|connected as 
|(for a stereo amp this is usually the case, but certain stereo amps may 
|by this)
|Impedance? probably safer to use an impedance at least twice that of your 
|main speaker,
|the higher the impedance the less volume you'll get from the extra 
|The system is assymetric  in that the extra spkr is in phase with only 
|one of 
|the main speakers( this situation can be helped with another spkr in 
|and out of phase with the additional one).
|I used an ancient spkr with a volume control  along with my hi-fi  for a 
|while, nice effect.
|Andy Butler

                                                           James R. Pearce