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Re: mr bungle

I dunno... I always thought of Mr. Bungle as pastiche Zorn vomit (and I 
John Zorn too..). I haven't heard the new record, but I have heard the last
two and I just have to say that in my own subjective take on Mr. Bungle I
think that they are self-consciously weird in the worst way.

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From: Jeff & Vonda McLeod <subversive@mindspring.com>
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Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 1:18 AM
Subject: Re: mr bungle

>Howdy, everyone...
> I'd say that you're very on-topic when talking about Mr. Bungle. They
>apply a great deal of subtle sampling and looping live and on their
>recordings. They are one of the last great, great bands. Bungle is a group
>that I believe can do anything. If they are in a city near you--go see it.
>It's amazing.
>Jeff McLeod
>At 12:15 AM 11/9/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hey, I caught them this past Saturday in New Haven.  Incredible.  Be on
>>lookout for lots of bizarre instruments and even more bizarre song
>>arrangements and vocalizing by Mr. Patton.  I've never been able to get
>>inside any of their CDs, but they make a lot more sense live.  If you get
>>the chance...
>>Zero loop content, sorry.
>This is not here--
>And now is almost over...