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Re: Lexicon MPX R1

I'll second the complaint about the loudness of the switches.   It seems
like an odd thing to mention, but if there's a mic nearby (i.e. on amp or
instrument) and you play with some dynamic variation it can be a problem.  
I have those switches documented on tape already.  Switches like the
original jam man or vortex pedals, or the EDP pedal might've been a more
appropriate design choice for a foot controller costing this much.     
Anyone have any suggestions about replacements for the switches that would
I wonder if the switches Kim mentioned a while back (am I remembering this
right?) as substitutes for the factory EDP switches would work.

Otherwise I find the pedal is extremely versatile, sturdy, and once I got
used to the layout, appropriately invisible.  

 I use it with the MPX G2, and they get along well.  Lexicon also bills it
as a "stand alone MIDI remote controller"  as well as a companion to the 
1 and G2, and the manual has a chapter devoted to using it with other MIDI
devices, so it's probably pretty deep in that regard.  

 Here's a link to Lexicon's R1 page in case you haven't seen it yet:

Did you hear Gibson was buying Lexicon?   
just kidding.

back to lurking,