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RE: mr bungle

At 7:46 PM 11/9/99, Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:
>on recordings Patton can be annoying, but it sounds like he'd be a lot of
>fun to see in
>** patton's two solo efforts on tzadik are pretty different - - and pretty
>interesting. adult themes for voice and microphone is a pretty extreme
>record (imho). the second is much less extreme and he doesn't really do
>any/much vocalization on it at all - - mostly just electronics. worth
>checking out.
On the subject of Patton's non-Bungle output, I'm surprised no one has
mentioned Fantomas. Sort of an alt.metal supergroup, Patton and Trevor Dunn
from Bungle, King Buzzo from the Melvins and Dave Lombardo, ex-Slayer
drummer. The record's fantastic, in the realm of Naked City without the
overt genre references, or some of the new Japanese stuff like the Ruins,
Zeni Geva, or Ground Zero, and they were outstanding live. I can appreciate
Bungle, have seen them live twice, but I do find their albums a bit
overbearing, especially Claifornia. Fantomas, however, totally rocks for

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