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Re: "individualizing" music

>>I consider the Grunge trend an outgrowth of '77 Punk, which btw is pretty
>>well-documented in the documentary "The Year Punk Broke", featuring Sonic
>>Youth and Nirvana on tour. It took Amerika 10-15 years to really "get 
>You're right. There are a lot of similarities between the punk movement 
>the whole early 90's "alternative" thing (including the rave movement).
>kind of like "punk for a new generation" becuase a sizeable chunk of 
>putting out music now were too young to have been influenced by punk as it
>happened. I was 2. 30 year old musicians today were 9. 20 year old
>today were -3.  A lot of us didn't know about punk until the whole
>"alternative" craze was subsiding.
>I have to admit I'm guilty of making generalizations when it comes to 
>things. Oh well, sorry about that, but I believe that a lot us needed that
>second "punk" movement.

You're right, it was Punk Pt. II, and it was sorely needed. Hopefully 
"get it" now and can apply the same lessons to the Web.