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RE: Boss VF-1

I did get a chance to look thru the manual at Sam Ash today...lots of cool
things, such as 24 bit converters, digital out, etc...200 factory presets, 
slew of effects. It seems more geared as an all around processor, and not
geared toward any specific instrument. There are guitar patches, vocal
patches, bass patches, 'groove' patches (aimed at DJ's?), with amp 
mic modeling, even pickup modeling. It seems like the maximum delay time is
1.8 secs, which would allow for tiny loops, but the maximum reverb time is
30 seconds- so that could certainly be fun. It also models an old Roland
tape echo.
There are limitations to the type of effects used with each other though.
The 'cool' effects (to me) like flanger, phaser, feedbacker, mono guitar
synth, slow gear, slicer (chops up signal by inserting rhythmic silence),
vocoder, etc can only be used one at a time per preset. So there is
definitely a limit to the mayhem that can be created. Since the unit is 
based (not knob and button based) it may be more suitable for the studio
instead of live. Sam Ash price $399 US.
I am deciding either on this unit or a used GP-100, which is Roland's super
guitar preamp. Anyone have a GP-100 they are thinking of parting with?

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices