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Re: Some Zvex pedals for sale...

With all due respect, the Super Hard On, the only "totally necessary" pedal
I own, is only $155 at Gaspedal.com, and they are not "blowing out" their
line...the fuzz factory is a good price, though...

>A friend of mine is selling off his stock of Zvex pedals from his store
>and he asked me to post this for him. All pedals are NOS (being sold
>from ex distributor). I bought a Fuzz Factory myself and it's truly a
>work of art. I've seen these and they have never been used (and no, I
>don't get paid for this post either). 
>For more info on Zvex hit up http://www.zvex.com
>Octane - 11/27/97. Octave Fuzz, Pedal out of Production. $300
>Octane - 10/29/97. Octave Fuzz, Pedal out of Production. $300
>(Pedalman and such dealers/losers sell these for $500+ now if they get
>them in used)
>Super Hard On  - 6/7/97 Preamp pedal. $175
>He also has two brand new Fuzz factorys (early 98)  - $210/each
>He can be reached at (215) 627-8165 ask for Bob and be sure to leave
>your number and a message if he's not in.
>You can also email me here and I'll forward it to him (include your
>SERIOUS inquiries only. 
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