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Re: vortex memory upgrade?

Hi everyone...

i am responding to this strand in regards to Bob Sellon.  I have also tried
to contact him via email about my two jam mans.  no response.  is there
actually an upgrade for these babies?  Sellons sight regarding the jam man
seems a bit techie and vague to me (i am just an end user after all) and
there is no mention of how or where to obtain a jam man upgrade...

anybody have any answers?

ps.  congratualations on you folks who actually got your vortex's to work
for you.  I am a jam man freak, but that crazy thing was the hardest, most
obtuse processor i ever laid my hands on!

At 07:39 PM 11/17/99 +1100, you wrote:
>hi all ... 
>due to buying a questionable-condition vortex at a hugely inflated price
>(and easily one of the best purchases i've made to date ;) the beasty
>arrived with the service manual instead of the user manual (no
>hang onto your chairs 'texter users ... page 4 in the "theory of
>operation" section: 
>"Audio memory consists of 64K x 4 DRAMs, which provide a total of 2
>seconds of
>delay. The unit may optionally be configured with 256K x 4 DRAMs, with
>addition of U10."
>an 8 second vortex? eeep um that would be er, nice.
>no other mention is made of this "memory upgrade" except in the actual
>the U10's look like they make up an extra bit of the DRAM controller ..
>part number 74HC125 (what are the little triangles again? capacitors?)
>...  it
>looks as though the routing to the DRAM chips must be completely changed
>to get
>the 256K's in there... i'm not too sure... U10 is included in the
>schematics as "spare".. don't know if they're actually inside the box
>... getting ye olde 256K DRAM should prove entertaining enough anyway...
>i've emailed both lexicon and Bob Sellon (of jamman upgrade fame) about
>this but with no response ... anyone heard of such an upgrade?
>i'd really like to know if 8 sec / dual 4 sec vortex bliss is possible
>in this universe ...