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Re: EDP gouging.....echo decay!!!

Dear Mike Ayers, Gibson, and EDP users.  Thanks for the post Miko.  Yes my 
echo completely disappears after 1 or 2 minutes.  Glad Miko checked it 
I have never heard one played befor I bought this one new less than a year 
ago.  I thought this was "how it worked". No wonder I liked my jamman 
better.  It is unacceptable so here I go on the Gibson merry-go-round 
risking it being fixed by someone who always wanted to work on one of them 
things.  I also have been wondering about selling mine because of the lack 
of support from Gibson and the likelyhood that another EDP will not soon 
arriviing.  I will sell it to whoever I want at whatever price the market 
dictates.  It's probably no bodies business but the buyer and me.  Haven't 
decided myself either but it's a great tool except for the echo decaying 
quickly.  Any of you guys like to try to fix this thing? Ha HA HA!!!
Please pass on any repair places you might know of.  I'm in Santa Cruz Ca. 
and go to S.F. frequently...Thanks papadave55@hotmail.com

P.S.  Perille is sending me a his looper in a few weeks to check it out.  
Maybe we could have a loop fest and see what his FRench Looper is all 
  I am paying for it to be shipped and can return it if I am not totally 
stoked.  I think it's the DJRN2D2 for the vocalist.  I post when it 
  email me  at papadave55@hotmail.com

                                      Loop On, Om and Out

>From: "Mike Biffle" <mbiffle@svg.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com, paulsull@gis.net
>CC: INTERNET#c#gibson.com#c#mayers@svg.com
>Subject: Re: EDP gouging
>Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 12:30:16 -0800
> >>> Paul Sullivan <paulsull@gis.net> 11/18 9:13 PM >>> wrote:
>Its isn't so much the supply/demand discussions of the edp that
>bother me as much as the uncharitable nature of some people trying to
>gouge as much money as possible from others that are desperate for
>one. If you were lucky enough to get an edp when they were available
>and have now moved on why not sell it to a fellow looper for what you
>paid for it (or maybe a slight markup) so they can get the enjoyment
>and musical fufillment out of it also.
>Miko replies...
>Paul... I haven't "moved on" from the EDP. I've found myself in a
>cul-de-sac, unable to get the second one I need for stereo function;
>unable to trust Gibson customer service if it goes south (which the
>system clock did at the beginning of a theatre gig and was thankfully
>repaired just before the Oberheim business thing really went down the
>toilet... thank you Mike Ayers... although I still didn't use it for
>the gig). I let go of a perfectly fine working JamMan to acquire the
> > Is anyone else getting tired of the endless offers of edps for way
>more than they cost new? Although some of these may be whimsical, they
>do have a whiff of greed about them. It's a bit like the haves
>taunting the have nots ('I got mine, if you want one you'll have to
>pay through the nose'). If you want to take this route put it on ebay
>or HC, and lets keep this list to non-profiteering discussions of
>looping. Just an opinion, take it or leave it.
>If that many people are gouging that must be what the market is
>currently bearing and you must be missing the point Paul. If a
>transaction takes place, everyone is consenting, so whining about
>price isn't going to change MY value of this item. I didn't "offer" my
>EDP for sale... I said I might be tempted if you offered me enough...
>And I was honest enough to say what it would take to do that... You
>FYI: In the last group buy at Alto Music we paid $660 for EDP and
>controller, then maxed memory for another $50 or so. I believe I paid
>around $735 for everything with shipping. If they were readily
>available, I'd charge top dollar for a mint unit w/maxed memory. You
>can figure out the rest... til they're back in production, they're
>worth a whole lot more to both you AND ME.
>I'm fully aware of the EDP's desirability and useful, cool functions
>which I use regulary. If it's leaving my rig, it's leaving
>reluctantly, but I'm getting tired of waiting for a second unit and a
>llittle worried about the hardware quality and durability AND being
>able to replace it. It is with a sinking feeling that I explore the
>idea of dumping the sucker... Because (at this point) it's
>irreplacable to me, I'm setting my own limits at what I'm willing to
>accept for a FINITE resource. I'd replace it with *at least* two other
>loopers, in order to kludge together a stereo looping system with some
>flexibility... no where near the capabilities of the EDP, but not the
>freakin' tight rope walk and impasse I'm forced into by Gibson's sad
>state of affairs.
>How about just making offers to sellers and see what your reception
>is. It sounds like you WANT an EDP... I hope MusicYo is selling them
>for $200 each next month... I'd happily take two. Otherwise you'll be
>forced to pay what the market will bear. In the meantime I'm looking
>for some solutions and discussing my possiblities and options with our
>FRIENDLY group here. You know... where we all talk about loopers.
>I AM BITTER about the situation with Gibson / Oberheim / Opcode /
>Steinberger etc. Maybe instead of acting like they're rescuing
>existing "high tech music" companies, they might do well to stay
>committed to developing and supporting their own high tech r/d
>resources and be responsible for their own success and failure rather
>than buy cool companies and then leave them confused and conflicted
>about what happened to them (whether they were failing on their own or
>not). Frankly Opcode stompboxes with Pluggo algorythyms in them sound
>really cool... but they didn't follow through on that either... Gibson
>had their own GWIZ labs in Berkeley CA and they managed to blow that
>operation up... I feel fortunate they I never signed any nda's with
>them so I can speak freely about this. Most of the people in the know
>can't for just that reason.
>This group is fairly polarized about what's going on at Gibson and
>the poles are widening. If Gibson saw fit to respect and cater to
>their "valued" customers, they might actually speak up and interact
>with a few of them here. As a matter of fact, I'm CC'ing this email to
>Mike Ayers of Gibson customer support to see what he's got to say
>about this... Maybe he can reassure both you and I that we will indeed
>see a second EDP in this century and it will be of a higher quality
>hardware, higher reliability, better availability, and conform to
>tighter specs than existing models. Is that good enough for you Paul?
>Attn: Mike Ayers
>I have a friend with an EDP which in LOOP mode decays to an inaudible
>level after about 1-2 minutes. ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE. Mine decays as
>well, but at much longer, more acceptable rate... He's faced with
>calling Gibson who will then, (in Kim's description) refer him to a
>network of authorized service centers. Now I'm a little skeptical
>about their familiarity with the EDP, and don't really believe they
>have the know how or the schematics they need to do the work either.
>His email address is papadave55@hotmail.com
>Apologies in advance to the group...
>-Miko Biffle

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