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TC D-TWO v/s Roland SDE3000

>>>Ok Travis and others concerned about MIDI on the new TC D-TWO... On
>>>the technical specifications at their site... at the bottom of the
>>>page under Control Interface is the good MIDI news...
>>not much of a technical specification.  and the bad news is that
>>it only does "up to" 10 seconds.  what is it with people anyway??
>>10 seconds, and it's a dual delay... so 5 seconds each?  limp, limp.
>>I can't understand these folks.  44.1KHz * 2 bytes = 88.2K/second of
>>delay time.  $10 in commodity chips will get you 4MB, that's 45 seconds
>>of delay!
>>I'd certainly pay an extra $50 for the same box with an extra 45 seconds
>>of delay.  I think most people would do that.  Quite a lot of people
>>(including me!) would pay an extra $100 for an extra minute or so...
>> /t

Recently I happened to peek in at http://www.americanmusical.com/ and
noticed they had listed the D-TWO for @US$700.00 When I checked in again
leter, the info was nowhere to be found. Whatever.

Anyway, this puts it in direct competition with Roland's SDE3000 Dimension
Delay. Except for the 10 sec delay, the SDE may have an edge. The TC only
has a max of 1 sec taps (10 taps), while the SDE has a max of 2.5 secs (8
taps). Even has a 4-tap delay with a pitch shifter on ea. Then there's 
3D delays, 3D chorus, & 3 band parametric EQ.


- Drew

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