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Re: One MIDI Controller for multiple Loopers

On 11/21/99 John Fleming said:

>I have an EDP and two JamDudes synced to a Drum Machine (drum machine is
>master).  Everything is connected to a MOTO midi express MIDI router so 
>drum machine sync goes to all three loopers. I just purchased a Ground
>Control, and am considering using it to control both of the 
>JamMen...maybe a
>different bank for each unit, or if possible I could split the Ground 
>"half & half" between the JamDudes... I will probably still use SOME 
>footswitches, and then the Ground Control for extra features.
>I have the Foot Controller for my EDP, but am interested in experimenting
>with added MIDI control as well.  Has anyone tried this before?


I  control two jam men and two echoplexi from my PMC-10. I have them set up
in pairs the jamsters and the plexers. All are on separate MIDI channels.
In this way I can trigger each individual looper or control them in pairs,
since the PMC-10 allows you to transmit over more than one MIDI channel at
a time,
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