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Re: any drummers utilizing loopers?

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Von: Cummings <r_t_cummings@compuserve.com>
An: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 25. November 1999 15:05
Betreff: Re: any drummers utilizing loopers?

hi luis,
i'm a canadian living in berlin - lotsa people into electronics here ...

you should definitely check things out here - lotsa sessions, gigs etc.

where are you at?


Hello There,
I am down here in Southern Germany in the border with Suitzerland, does
Konstanz tell you something?
Berlin is definetly exciting i was there during the summer with some 
who live in Kreuzberg but i didn´t have a chance to check out the 
music scene.I saw other bands, museums,galeries  there is some much to do
Are you a musician? what dou you play?i am a guitarrist currently playing
cuban music. Is great because cuban music has besides an incredible groove 
hipnotic repetitive element which fits the looping character.( have you
heard what bill laswell is doing with cuban music?)I´ve done other types of
music in the past (Blues Reggae Rock) I am also listening to a lot of trip
hop, santeria,indian, etc... as well and would like to some day incorporate
all this influences into an original and conventional context.
So, viel Spaß in Berlin !