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Re: 1 million hits

haha, that's funny neal. BTW, the homeless scavenger guys were thrilled to
get all your mint SWR cabinets and the classic Ricky bass you left here.


At 6:12 PM -0800 11/30/99, Neal Trembath wrote:
>(How many of those hits are Kim?)  --Sometimes he'd try not looking at it
>for a whole day, and then looking at it.
>On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Kim Flint wrote:
>> Well, we finally crossed that big milestone. The Looper's Delight 
>> had it's 1 millionth page-hit sometime last week!
>> I, for one, am amazed. Never expected anything like it when I started 
>> 3 years ago. These days the site gets anywhere from 4000 to 7000 hits a
>> day, so I guess 2 million will come quite a bit quicker.

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