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Re: DL-4 future

I agree, it didn't take long for the wishlist to appear.  However, this is
not new to Line6 products.  The conversation threads and wishlists for
their POD preamp and amplifiers is a ongoing process.  Check out the patch
request on their website (actually, I posted a mail suggesting that they
take a look at the LD mailing list to see what we were saying about their
new pedal).  

To make gear that everybody LOVES, but is inspiring to make us all want
more is one of the cool things about Line6 stuff.  I think their gear is
gonna be collectible one of these days, like EH stuff was before the
reissues hit.

I actually opened up my DL4, hoping to see an upgradeable eprom with easy
access, like the POD.  No such luck, just the back of a circuitboard.  To
get a look at the chips, you are going to have to disassemble it.  I gave
up, it wasn't worth voiding the warranty on a product i had for four days!



At 01:07 PM 12/7/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 12/3/99 8:54:19 AM, xouoxno@virtulink.com writes:
>>>software upgrades somewhere down the line are possible with that
>>> as well?
>>Anybody with the know-how wanna open one of
>>these things up and look?
>That didn't take long.  Leave it to this list to want more out of this 
>already (myself included - though I've rarely been so gear-sated for 
>eric p
>echo park