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Re: Roland MS-1 (Yup)

yeah I know a thing you should'nt do:
experimenting with all sorts of flashcards.

I WAS a proud owner of 1 for 2 weeks.
Then I found someone on the internet with flahsram.
Visited the man: ms-1 replies: wrong card.
"-Wait" said the man: "have some more of these".
fiddled some with these thingies -"oops a modem", "wait, here this one
probably", etc.-
and suddenly: MS-1 dead. 
Could'nt even get it into boot mode.
Diagnosis from serviceman: replacement of rom-bios necessary, which is
equivalent to replacement of the litlle mainboard inside.
costs: more then I paid for the little piece of gear (2nd hand).

just a warning ;-).


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> Subject: Roland MS-1
> Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 16:17:45 +0000
> Does anyone have any experience using the Roland MS-1 sampler
> with a Flashdisk memory card?
> Jon Williams
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Devious D_MasterMixer wrote:
> I am a PROUD owner of this unit, with the 4MB flash card... wha cha wanna
> know ?