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Re: Roland MS-1 (Yup)

bert wrote:
> yeah I know a thing you should'nt do:
> experimenting with all sorts of flashcards.

Well, yeah, you need to use a type II ATA  flash card. I got  10mb Sundisk 
card and get 
'wrong card' messages. I discovered that Sundisk changed their cards at 
one point 
and Roland issued a software upgrade for the MS-1 that maintains 
compatibility. I've 
downloaded the upgrade from Roland's site, but having no sequencer (can 
direct me to a shareware Mac sequencer?) have yet to install it. This may 
or may not 
be the answer. 

I'm also looking for an online manual for the Korg SDD-2000 delay. This is 
a nice DDL 
capable of long delay times (just over 4 seconds) that hasn't been 
mentioned much 
here. It's a great box, easy to use except for the sampling/triggering 
section which I 
can't quite figure out.

The endless threads of completely off-topic posts followed by off-topic 
one line replies 
lately has been a drag. It is unfortunate when the impulse to communicate 
blurs the focus of a list like this. 

Jon Williams