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New looper guidance wanted/needed

I've been lurking around here for about eight months now, reading some
great postings and waiting for the second coming... of the EDP, of
course.  :-)  In lieu of a proper looping device I finally got the
courage to combine my GT-5 and GT-3 together with a Macky 1202 mixer and
fiddle with aux sends, 1.8 seconds of delay, and feedback.  The results
are very interesting but I guess I was expecting nothing less than
astounding Fripponian Soudscapes.

Some general questions:

My first notion is that looping and soundscapes are not really the same
thing; that looping is more phrase sampling with playback and
soundscapes is controlled feedback/regeneration.  Is this correct?

How much delay time is necessary to do soundscape-like effects?

How many delay units are needed to do decent soundscapes?

Is the EDP suited more for looping than soundscaping?

Can one come close to that Fripp sound without buying lots of TC
electronics and Harmonizers?

About three months ago someone here posted their Macky 1202 and FX
signal path.  I have found it very useful and even though none of my FX
match at least it indicated what one can do with a 1202.  I would really
like to see more examples of soundscape signal paths and think that
there ought to be a place for such things on the LD web page.