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MIDI Sequencers, computers and live acts

Hi there.

I have done a few lives with my computer and an akai s3000xl sampler, but
I'd like to be able to go a gig without my computer because you never know
when it could hang up or reboot or crash or die or whatever.

I recently bought a Yamaha SU700 for realtime controll its own sampler and
effects and the akai sampler. The SU has a very limited sequencer, a very
limited sampler and a very limited effects processor: It's capable of
storing 20 songs in memory, but you have to stop playback when you want to
change the song!!! This way you could not play two songs without

I have heard the Alesis MMT8 is 'the best' MIDI sequencer for live acts.
Anybody using it?

Another thing I don't like in SU700 is that  people at yamaha could have
programmed a simple application for pc to edit sequences and interchange
them between this unit and the PC (it has SCSI interface and MIDI, as well)

Do you know some hardware sequencer which has the ability of being
programmed from the computer???

Do you know if there are lots of people who use computers as sequencers for
live acts? or people usually make this with hardware sequencers?

please, if you do live acts, tell me which configuration do you use..

Many thanks.

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