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RE: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

Mystics and religionists have been making fools of
themselves and killing each other off for centuries
in the name of their gods. They sure don't need any
help from us godless humanists.

** agreed  . . . but, for that matter, people have killed each other in the
name of non-religion and rational enlightenment as well. (possible cf. with
the reign of terror post french revolution). very rational and 
people killed millions in stalin's and hitler's day (though some would say
that hitler saw himself as a mystic - - and as the focus of a new 

Live and let live, I say, but don't let an untruth slip
by. Integrity requires it.

** truth . . . what IS truth? i see a person's truth based on his/her 
system. sorry, i don't believe in absolutes; either from the scientific
community (it seems like there's a new theory in physics comign about all
the time or an origanized religion (the catholic church had a "lock" on
truth for a very long time, ya know). actaully, i think that it's more
interesting when they seem to agree - - to point to some commonality.