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Re: OT: Cheery Charles

At 3:23 PM -0700 9/1/00, rich wrote:
>Hi All,
>I just had a thought...(oh, dear me!  he's thinking!)
>Due to the fact that the LD list is the first i've ever been on, i'm not
>sure if this is correct or not.
>If i unsubscribed, yet i still have the LD address
>(Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com), could i not just send messages that
>you all would receive, but i wouldn't, since i had 'unsubscribed'?

not on this list. Looper's Delight is set such that you have to be
subscribed in order to post. This prevents random spams and such from
getting to the list.

BTW, our friend Charles did finally figure out how to unsubscribe and got
himself off the list yesterday. So you all can shut up about him now....

>Another dreamy question...Synching two (or more) EDP's seems to be a very
>sweet setup...Can two Repeaters be synched via the midi ports?

midi is not accurate enough for sample-level synchronization like the
Echoplex does with BrotherSync. You can get phase problems between the two
units with just midi sync, but whether that is noticeable or not depends on
what you are recording and doing with it. For synchronizing two loops with
relatively different audio, midi works fine.

The other thing about midi is it only goes one direction, so one unit
always has to be the sync master and the others the slaves. If you decide
you want something recorded in a looper down the chain to become the base
for the sync, you're out of luck. That capability is why Matthias called it
"BrotherSync" on the echoplex - there are no masters and slaves, only
brothers. Any of them can create the sync for the rest.


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