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Synching Lexicon Vortex

In relation to the thread of a week or so ago, I am trying to synch my
Vortex to midi, on the recommendation of someone on the list I looked into
the Kenton Pro Kadi midi trigger unit. The friendly chaps at Kenton advised
me the yes, indeed the pro Kadi is the beast for me so I ordered one. 
up yesterday and (after a couple of hours battling with it) I got it to
work.... sort of!
It sends a clock signal OK which does trigger the Vortex tap input, HOWEVER
it only divides the midi clock down to a maximum of 1 clock pulse to every
24 midi pulses which means the longest delay/loop/whatever I can get with 
synchronised to midi is quarter notes or maybe half notes (didnt check
exactly) When the Vortex is capable of looping whole bars or two, this is a
shame... SO... I need to divide this further, to maybe double the length,
does anyone know how to do this (someone on the list had tried the Kadi
method...what did you do please?) either by SIMPLE modification of the Kadi
or my a VERY simple additional curcuit??? clock divider maybe??? It cost me
a bit so if I cant get it to work exactly how I want I'll probably return 
and wait to get an EDP (still waiting for mine from the group but thing if
anyone is reading from there...BTW)and use Mattias's special cable 
Pleas help me guys!!

MArk Red

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