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Re: Looping Visualeffects

The best visualization software I've ever seen is the Bomb by scott
draves (www.draves.org/bomb). It's unbelievable. It's also very
temperamental and tough to get working correctly, but the reward is far
worth the effort. I've used it live with a laptop and lcd projector to
excellent effect. There's also a port to opcode Max, so if you Max hackers
want to midify the thing and make it do incredible stuff, it's more than

On the topic of Fruityloops, I just got the Electribe ES-1. I was pretty
turned off by its cheezy dj look and feel, and mere 95 seconds of sample
time, but it's really, actually, honestly just like having FruityLoops in
a box. I'm never gigging with a laptop again.


On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Rick Walker wrote:

> Its' extraordinarily cheesy, but Fruity Loops Pro (the greatest,
> simplest most intuitive virtual drum machine in the world and I have
> programmed most of them over the past 20 years) has a color organ that
> goes with it.   If you figure out the BPM of your loop and put the loop
> in with just one trigger per measure, the color organ will groove on
> down with you.
> Seriously,  the drum machine rocks:  it uses any .wav files you have and
> has a ton of simple and quick processing options.  I use it with my
> looping material a lot.
> yours,  Rick Walker
> PS  If you discover anything else, will you please e-mail me back with
> it?