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Re: When??

>  >amazing really... I found that I produce the best by using the same
>>gear over a long time, so that all the operation becomes intuitive
>>and the sounds are very familiar so I can get used to really express
>>through them...
>  >--

>god do i concur-i been playin since the 70s-and *most* of my stuff that i
>currently use is the stuff i've always used(upgraded from EH 16 sec. delay
>to lexicon PCM 42...loop content ;-) ) and it is about intuition and
>expression as much as anything. now if only the guitar strings wouldnt 
>breakin so much...goin loopy, stanner
Thats not the way I meant it. I think we should care to be up to the 
tecnological quality possible. But a good equipment like for example 
a Lexicon Reverb keeps its place for 10 years. So it ends up cheaper, 
better and "more mine" than the latest mfx box.
So it depends on the type of thing. Strings are changed most and the 
guitar least :-)

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