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Re: When??

my trusty Korg A2 started having problems, a while back, it had been the
core of my gtr efx system for a long time, I was very used to it and
knew how to make it do what I wanted, we fit.  this being an older
product I figured it was time to change, so I bought a bunch of stuff
and worked with it, bought more stuff worked with that, got frustrated
and pulled the noisy/dead LCD A2 back in and there was my sound.
I went out and bought another A2 immediately and am sending my old one
in for repair,  I don't think its just a matter of knowing how it works
but alot of my playing developed while using it so what it does is part
of what I do.  I'm sure I could manage w/o out it but to me its like the
pickups I use, right hand techniques or anything else that makes me the
(hopefully) unique player I want to be.
if I had found something that did the same thing no prob, I have nothing
against change, I have augmented it w/ other gear in my gtr rig and use
lexi and other units for other purposes but there is definately
something to be said for sticking with gear unless there is a compelling
reason to change.  that said I do admit to frequent bouts of gear lust,
anybody using technology has to feel that pull once in a while.  I'm
curerently drooling to pickup a couple new pieces of software after the

peace,    steve