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Re: Echoplex on e-bay/Tutorial

I can't answer your question about whether you are a fool, but your
ebay adds seems likely to increase the confusion and misinformation
about the echoplex digital pro by oberheim vs. gibson.

In your add you state: 
This unit is one of the new versions made by Gibson, not to be confused
with the older Oberhiem ones that were plagued with software problems.

We have three of the 'older Oberheim ones' and they have the exact same
software that your 'Gibson' echoplex has.  Even if someone did have the
earliest software for there 'older Oberheim' echoplex, they could buy
the eproms with the latest software from Gibson for $45.  However, even
the software in your Gibson echoplex will be upgraded in due time (are
we there yet, Kim?)

In one of the adds you also mention the 'extra ROM is at another $100
at least'.  I think you mean to say RAM instead of ROM.

In a way I hope people start believing that the oberheim echoplex are
'plagued with software problems' so I can buy more Oberheims, at a
lower price than the super, duper Gibson echoplex.  After all, they are
the same machine.

--- Jordan Pease <jordanpease@webtv.net> wrote:
> Well, It feels weird, but I just listed my two Echolpexs on e-bay. I
> was
> so excited When I got them back in May, but I find myself using my
> old
> Jammans more. Never got the hang of the interface, I guess. Hope I
> don't
> end-up regretting this later...Am I a fool.... ? MAYBE A VIDEO

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