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Re: Echoplex on e-bay/Tutorial

At 2:29 PM -0800 12/1/00, Bret wrote:
>I can't answer your question about whether you are a fool, but your
>ebay adds seems likely to increase the confusion and misinformation
>about the echoplex digital pro by oberheim vs. gibson.
>In your add you state:
>This unit is one of the new versions made by Gibson, not to be confused
>with the older Oberhiem ones that were plagued with software problems.

yes, that is complete nonsense. The more recent versions labeled "Gibson"
are identical to the the previous "oberheim" ones, except for the logo. The
LoopIIIv5.0 software in the gibson ones is the same software that has been
shipping in the echoplex for years. It's all in the echoplex FAQ on the LD

The upcoming Gibson Echoplexes that should be coming out in a few weeks
actually do have some very minor hardware changes. We added a limiter to
the input so people can't overdrive it and clip the digital path to the
loop, and fixed up some old hardware bugs. (the pin5 thing, and "andre's

>We have three of the 'older Oberheim ones' and they have the exact same
>software that your 'Gibson' echoplex has.  Even if someone did have the
>earliest software for there 'older Oberheim' echoplex, they could buy
>the eproms with the latest software from Gibson for $45.  However, even
>the software in your Gibson echoplex will be upgraded in due time (are
>we there yet, Kim?)

almost. You need to harass Matthias about that. :-)

>In one of the adds you also mention the 'extra ROM is at another $100
>at least'.  I think you mean to say RAM instead of ROM.

neither one costs anywhere close to $100. 4MB simms cost about $5 each. We
sell the 5.0 update for $45, but I think everybody must have it by now
because we never get orders anymore.

>In a way I hope people start believing that the oberheim echoplex are
>'plagued with software problems' so I can buy more Oberheims, at a
>lower price than the super, duper Gibson echoplex.  After all, they are
>the same machine.



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