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Re: Echoplex on e-bay/Tutorial

We offered to help Jordan many times. You have here in this forum the
actual designers of the echoplex, where we have been answering user's
questions for years. The list archives and the web site are full of such
explanations. Apparently that was not enough, and instead Jordan complained
a lot that he needed a video to teach him. We would love to make a video,
but unfortunately we are just a couple of people working hard developing
the next versions, and do not have time or resources now to make videos.
Instead, we begged Jordan to simply ask us directly for any help he needed.
But he never asked!


At 12:30 PM -0800 12/1/00, Michael Clark wrote:
>Perhaps someone here could have helped you.  Well oh well.
>At 02:07 PM 12/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>Sorry to hear about your high level of frustration.  I feel like you're
>>selling the wrong pieces of equipment, but then I'm not in your 
>>Dennis Leas
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>>From: "Jordan Pease" <jordanpease@webtv.net>
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>>Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 1:40 PM
>>Subject: Echoplex on e-bay/Tutorial
>>> Well, It feels weird, but I just listed my two Echolpexs on e-bay. I 
>>> so excited When I got them back in May, but I find myself using my old
>>> Jammans more. Never got the hang of the interface, I guess. Hope I 
>>> end-up regretting this later...Am I a fool.... ? MAYBE A VIDEO TUTORIAL

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