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Re: semi-OT: cheap weighted keys to loop

> Can anyone suggest an inexpensive keyboard with
> weighted keys?

This may be more than you planned on, but I've been reading reviews about
the FATAR StudioLogic stuff.

Guitar Center is pushing the SL990 for $500 (searching the internet might
get it for <$400 new I see). For a few hundred bucks more you can get one
with 'zones' and some controllers.

I was gonna buy an SL-880 one but on impulse decided to jump on Jordan's
recent EDP garage sale! (Thanks!!!) Best price I saw on the SL-880 was
$569.00  (
&SiteCatNo=52612 )  that's an auction, but it looks like an endless supply
and you might actually get it for the $569 price.

I'd be interested in anything that is worth mentioning in the even-lower
prices ranges, but the FATAR sounds like its hard to beat.