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This Friday in Chicago--Four Theremins and One Guitar


I'll be performing solo, on Springboard and Echoplex, opening for...

The Lothars (from Boston): Four Theremins....... One Guitar...... All Heart

9:30 p.m. Friday, December 8 at the Nervous Center

"...The Lothars conspire to create a monstrous edifice of noise. 
Ramona Herboldsheimer's purposeful electric strumming just about 
manages to hold
together the joyfully bizarre arrangements of audio squiggles and 
deep space scrawls which Kris Thompson, Jon Bernhardt and Brendan 
Quinn produce on their theremins."  Ken Hollings, The WIRE.

The Nervous Center is at 4612 N. Lincoln Ave. next door to the Davis 
Theater. Telephone: (773) 728-5010.

The Lothars home page: http://www.wobblymusic.com/lothars

After their set I'll join The Lothars for some improvisations to 
conclude the evening.

Best regards,

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upcoming performances: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon/whatsnew.html