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Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update

At 6:50 PM -0800 12/5/00, George Washington wrote:
>Could Someone explain what the repater dos enot do that the echoplex dose
>do? From the alpha manual the repeater seems to be able to do loop copy 
>multiply plus longer loop time, better loop storage, stereo looping and
>pitch shifing(probably better customer support and reliability if electrix
>treats it like its other products). I have two edp's(one if you dont count
>the one that shane radke has had for 6 months with out calling me back
>once!but that is another story) I and I loved them but I feel that a
>repeater is a way more versatile music machine. Please correct me if I 
>interpreted some thing wrong oor or have missed something.

You've missed a lot. Go look at it again:



The two are oriented at completely different audiences and emphasize
different things. Each has far more depth than the other in the areas where
they are strong. Even the things that are similar work in completely
different ways.

I'd be happy to write it all out for you, but it is a lot and I don't have
time right now. It is not even really possible yet, since the repeater is
not even available and the manual for it is not very specific in many
areas. Some other day I will add repeater to the echoplex/jamman comparison
page on the LD site:


I guess I should add other loopers to that as well and make a big
comparison chart, with nice explanations of all the features and subtleties
of their operation. For now though, you will have to do your own research.


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