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Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

>Repeater: Loop Copy sounds like it doubles the loop... and they don't 
>really make it completely clear if you can arm Overdub so it begins at 
>start of the Loop Copy and allows you to play while the loop copy is 
>done. So I'm believing that you may have to wait for one Loop Copy cycle 
>double a loop... what if you want 16 copies? Do you have to press Loop 
>4 times (2 4 8 16?) It doesn't sound like you'll be able to create odd 
>numbered or even 6, 10, 12 or 14 bar executions. Food for thought...

I asked Damon (on-list, I think) about this and he mentioned about the 
TRIM function.  This function _should_ allow the repeater to multiply by 
amount.  I looks like you would loop copy to multiply by 2, then trim the 
result to get 1.5 or whatever.  I have no way of knowing about whether you 
can overdub while the loop is being copied.
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