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Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

>>Repeater: Loop Copy sounds like it doubles the loop... and they don't  
>really make it completely clear if you can arm Overdub so it begins at 
>the start of the Loop Copy and allows you to play while the loop copy is 
>being done. So I'm believing that you may have to wait for one Loop Copy 
>cycle to double a loop... what if you want 16 copies? Do you have to 
>press Loop Copy 4 times (2 4 8 16?) It doesn't sound like you'll be able 
>to create odd numbered or even 6, 10, 12 or 14 bar executions. Food for 

> I asked Damon (on-list, I think) about this and he mentioned about the 
>loop TRIM function.  This function _should_ allow the repeater to 
>multiply by any amount.  I looks like you would loop copy to multiply by 
>2, then trim the result to get 1.5 or whatever.  I have no way of knowing 
>about whether you can overdub while the loop is being copied.bye- jon

So for the Repeater, I'll bet that to do Loop Copy you have to press a 
button with your hand (or via midi) the number of times you need to get 
the number of bars desired (possibly even having to wait for each doubling 
before the next button press). THEN press another button with your hand to 
arm the trim function... then press yet another button with your hand to 
actually trim.

My point is that the EDP does this with either one foot press to initiate 
and one foot press to complete both processes in real time, NO HANDS... NO 

I'm not arguing for or against either product... Just that they have 
unique user interfaces and that it would be a good idea to critically 
compare them base on your intended use. I view the Repeater's u/i to be 
more post-editing and re-mixing oriented... although it will certainly be 
a very cool way to grab simple STEREO loops and mangle them with the Pitch 
functions. The fx loop and pre-post insert functions are unique and will 
be ultra-cool as well. The Repeater will be awesome if it all plays like 
they say it will... The EDP is ALREADY awesome right now though. Different