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Re: OT: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!

I sometimes go to Guitar Center to browse but I go to Alto to buy.  Alto 
simply amazes me.  One time I called them to see if they had any Yamaha 
sound generators.  Jon said they might get a few but wasn't sure when since
Yamaha had discontinued the unit.  A couple months later he called me and
asked "how many do you want?"  Alto is the place for great service and 
prices.  It is good to hear that they expect more EDPs soon!


>From: JHKNICKS@aol.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: OT: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!
>Date: Tue, Dec 5, 2000, 6:59 PM

> Sorry-I had to interrupt-How about Alto Music?I can personally guarantee 
> a better price and better service.I'm sure plenty on this list can vouch 
> us.Email-altomusic@altomusic.com.The next time you need gear try
> us.....BTW-Repeaters and echoplexes are not on the too distant 
> I promise!-Jon from Alto