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Re: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!

In a message dated 12/5/00 7:26:53 PM Central Standard Time, 
shindler@mediaone.net writes:

<< Did you pay with a credit card?  If Musician's Friend won't cancel your
 order, you can have your credit card company refuse payment to them.  Just
 call the number on your card, explain the situation, and they can probably
 help you in disputing the claim (unless your credit card company is run 
by a
 bunch of jerks too). >>

For this type of thing, I highly recommend Citibank Visa, they have helped 
out on charges like this quite a few times, and have always been friendly, 
courteous, and got the job done. 

my $.02
- Crossedout@aol.com *hoping now that the "Friend" doesn't fuck up my 
of defective merchandise*