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Re: Fab New MIDI/Mac sequencer/looper!

> It's good to find someone in a similar boat.
> Have you had any problems with MBoom in a live looping setting?
> Anything about it leave you wanting?
> eo
I haven't used it live, just in the studio. No problems to speak of though,
it has been very stable.

I do wish that it didn't take over the computer, though. Right now I feed
the audio output from another sequencer ( Sounder, Cakewalk...) back into
the computer and record it to harddrive using Total Recorder. Mboom won't
allow that. ( Thou shall run no other application but me :-)  ). I'm
thinking of getting a standalone harddrive recorder to work around that

Small price to pay considering MBoom allows you to run different lengthed
loops against each other. I haven't found any other sequencer yet that does