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improv + looping in Jungian analysis

I am sorry.  The repeating of my message was not an intentional loop
but probably a looping mistake of my server.

I am taking a class on C.G. Jung's active imagination.  I found that,
actually, I have been doing it for years with my music and poetry,
although not as systematically as he suggests.  Active imagination can
be done in various ways and with various techniques, such as poetry,
visual arts, sculpting, etc.  The point is to do art in order to
reflect and not for art's sake.  A session should be followed by the
reflection on the symbols and "messages" received during the creative

Personally, I do it with musical improvisation and looping.  I find
looping VERY helpful in the process because, e.g. it lets me to stay
with a topic for a while, play over, let it go, mix it with another
one.  Right now I am doing research on the relationship between
musical improvisation (and looping) and the unconscious during the
active imagination practice.  I  thought there might be someone on LD
knowledgeble of the subject.

I am writing a paper about the process.  When I am done with it, I
will put it on my web site and announce it here, in case some of you
wants to look at the paper.

I have not found anything written on looping and the unconscious yet
(would you know?).  But some good resources about active imagination
and improvisation are these:
Robert A. Johnson: Inner Work
C.G. Jung: Jung on Active Imagination
Collin Lee: Music at the Edge: The Music Therapy experiences of a
musician with AIDS. (This is a great book showing the value of musical

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