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Re: improv + looping in Jungian analysis


There is actually a lot written on the subject:

Shamanic literature
Ecstatic dancing
Native American

Read some of Charles Tart's stuff.  Stanley Krippner.

People have been fooling around in this area for a long time.


At 11:03 AM 12/5/00 -0600, you wrote:
>I am sorry.  The repeating of my message was not an intentional loop
>but probably a looping mistake of my server.
>I am taking a class on C.G. Jung's active imagination.  I found that,
>actually, I have been doing it for years with my music and poetry,
>although not as systematically as he suggests.  Active imagination can
>be done in various ways and with various techniques, such as poetry,
>visual arts, sculpting, etc.  The point is to do art in order to
>reflect and not for art's sake.  A session should be followed by the
>reflection on the symbols and "messages" received during the creative
>Personally, I do it with musical improvisation and looping.  I find
>looping VERY helpful in the process because, e.g. it lets me to stay
>with a topic for a while, play over, let it go, mix it with another
>one.  Right now I am doing research on the relationship between
>musical improvisation (and looping) and the unconscious during the
>active imagination practice.  I  thought there might be someone on LD
>knowledgeble of the subject.
>I am writing a paper about the process.  When I am done with it, I
>will put it on my web site and announce it here, in case some of you
>wants to look at the paper.
>I have not found anything written on looping and the unconscious yet
>(would you know?).  But some good resources about active imagination
>and improvisation are these:
>Robert A. Johnson: Inner Work
>C.G. Jung: Jung on Active Imagination
>Collin Lee: Music at the Edge: The Music Therapy experiences of a
>musician with AIDS. (This is a great book showing the value of musical
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