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Re: Re: improv + looping in Jungian analysis

i once slipped on a broken egg next to still waters
Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com wrote:
> Matthias Grob wrote:

Well when thinking of spirals in terms of force, I tend to think about two
interacting linear forces which form the spiral... I actually have some
ideas for an art/sculpture project about this which I'll probably never get
to *sigh*.

through which one travels from the light into the darkness (a point of
>singularity where all is one) and back out again to the point where one

sounds like TAO. >>

Yep, it's a common theme and TAO is a very good symbolization of it.

The process continues as one grows or continues seeking even deeper levels
>of meaning and self-knowledge, thus creating the loop.
>Also, rituals and any repetitive acts could be considered "looping" and
>broadens the scope of connection between looping and the unconscious mind.
>Life is the loop,

hm, to be more precise, I think evolution has a spiral form and might
sound like a growing loop, with a slightly reduced FeedBack :-) >>

I always think that the universe is just one complex waveform with
multi-dimensional axes... I wonder what feedback does to it?  Hey speaking
of which isn't sound-art one of the only four-dimensional art forms since
the waveforms can be three-dimensional and change through time...

Anyway this is really off-topic isn't it?  I don't even have my hardware
looper yet!!!

aka phalen180