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Re: Re: improv + looping in Jungian analysis

>Anyway this is really off-topic isn't it?  I don't even have my hardware
>looper yet!!!

Not at all, this list was never meant as a gear list!
Discussion of functions and necessary equipment is a result of a 
desire and fascination we have for the non material side of 
repetition, no?
As you just proved, the hardware is not necessary to get involved.

aka phalen180:
>i once slipped on a broken egg next to still waters

sorry? you drowned?

>Well when thinking of spirals in terms of force, I tend to think about two
>interacting linear forces which form the spiral... I actually have some
>ideas for an art/sculpture project about this which I'll probably never 
>to *sigh*.

its amazingly dificult to care for the things we consider fundamental...

>m>Life is the loop,
>hm, to be more precise, I think evolution has a spiral form and might
>sound like a growing loop, with a slightly reduced FeedBack :-) >>
>I always think that the universe is just one complex waveform with
>multi-dimensional axes...

Fine, the spiral then represents this waveform in a way we can look at it.
The further dimensions may be the ones we really are fascinated by.

>I wonder what feedback does to it?

As EE and looper I tend to believe that there is no oszilation 
without feedback.
I dont know how the tiny parts guys think about it.
What is it really that keeps everithing vibrating? :-)

>Hey speaking
>of which isn't sound-art one of the only four-dimensional art forms since
>the waveforms can be three-dimensional and change through time...

Well, in the usual graphic, the axis of the spiral would be time, and 
we assume that the oscilation of the other two axis moves "upwards" 
or foreward in evolution. This is just a model or symbol.
If you animate the graphic, you win a dimension, but it changes its 
look, since you watch time as time and the third dimension is a 
further oscilation. Can you creat this illusion on a 2d screen? It 
might turn into a growing ball.


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