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Re: considering kyma purchase

I'm using Kyma and these are a few of my, (subjective) observations.
Kyma is not just a looper it's a general sound creating/processing tool 
you can configure to be a looper. It could just as easily be a sampler,
synthesizer etc. It has a lot of ram for storing loops ands if you want to
store complete performances it'll do that to your computer's hard drive 
It's sonic quality is impeccable, 24 bit at up to 100khz sampling rate. 
is important for me since the regeneration of sound involves degeneration 
signals and I don't like my loops mushy.
It's interface is rather clunky as far as programming is concerned. Having
said that if you've programmed 8 independent stereo loops with variable
pitch shifting and filtering once, this patch may form the basis of all 
musical output for the next 3 years. You also HAVE to use it with a
computer. This obviously gives you good visual feedback but is one more
thing to cart around for live gigs.
Kyma to me is like an utterly beautiful sophisticated woman who's also a 
crazy - she can be exasperating but she's worth it !
Mine sings to me too : )


> i am considering getting a kyma system before
> the end of the year (so uncle sam can help me out).
> i plan to use it for effects, looping and general
> mangling using several instruments as input.
> (mostly real-time)
> does anyone want to talk me into/out of this?
> i have already read the orville vs. kyma debate in
> the archives, so let's not repeat that, ok?
> any info on picking one up used in the usa?
> thanks