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Re: improv + looping in Jungian analysis

>Looping and the unconscious mind are intimately linked in a lot of the
>Jung-related material that I have read.
>One of the most prominent symbols for an inner journey is the spiral...

great! of course we related looping to the spiral form immediately...
Later I joined a tradition where the spiral is the symbol for force, 
more or less.

>through which one travels from the light into the darkness (a point of
>singularity where all is one) and back out again to the point where one

sounds like TAO.

>The process continues as one grows or continues seeking even deeper levels
>of meaning and self-knowledge, thus creating the loop.
>Also, rituals and any repetitive acts could be considered "looping" and
>broadens the scope of connection between looping and the unconscious mind.
>Life is the loop,

hm, to be more precise, I think evolution has a spiral form and might 
sound like a growing loop, with a slightly reduced FeedBack :-)

The only lyrics I ever wrote is about this:
The song, recorded one t.c.2290 in 1988 is also there:
(I should put it up as mp3, maybe)

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